A RESIDENTAL child care worker covered a kid's mouth and called them a "wee b*****d". 

James Lappin also refused to leave the room after being advised to by colleagues at St Philip’s School in Airdrie.

After eventually leaving, outraged Mr Lappin chose to return and continued to shout and swear at the young person. 

Now, he has been banned from working in the care sector following a ruling by a watchdog. 

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The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found that Mr Lappin had shown physical and verbally abusive behaviour towards the child with no remediation as he denied covering the youth's nose and mouth. 

A ruling from the body read: "Placing your hand over the young person’s nose and mouth, shouting at him and calling him a “wee [information redacted], bastard”, and threatening to report him to the police was both physically and verbally abusive behaviour.

"The young person should be able to trust that the adults caring for him will respond appropriately when he is in a crisis situation. The young person requires to be calmed and reassured.

"Instead, you shouted, swore, threatened him and placed your hand over his nose and mouth. This behaviour involved a loss of self-control and a display of aggressive behaviour.

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"This behaviour caused, or was likely to cause, physical and emotional harm and an escalation of the situation which could have led to a greater risk of harm to the young person."

Now, Lappin has been struck off the care register as the ruling came into effect from Sunday. He accepted the panel's decision. 

The SSSC added: "This behaviour amounts to a failure to provide an acceptable level of care and could also be seen as conduct which is fundamentally incompatible with professional registration.

"The SSSC’s Decisions Guidance suggests that where such behaviour is present, it is more likely that a finding of impairment will be necessary."