A THUG who made a police officer fear for his life was jailed on Tuesday for 27 months.

Christopher Ward, 32, raced off as Alasdair Zasada, 31, clung on to his car in Glasgow’s Carmyle on July 27 2019.

The constable later remarked: “I had the genuine and honest held belief that my life was in danger.”

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Ward was earlier chased by police after he assaulted the family of his lover Jade Walker.

He attempted to board a ferry to Belfast but was caught due to having a warrant for his arrest.

Ward pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to four assaults, dangerous driving, driving while his licence was revoked and the unlawful possession of screwdriver.

He was also banned from driving for 45 months and 15 days by Sheriff Paul Crozier.

The sheriff said: “You rightly acknowledge the only disposable available for your conduct is a prison sentence.”

The court heard Ward attended Miss Walker’s home and choked her mum Lily Ann Wylie, 38, and repeatedly punched her dad Steven Walker, 40,

Ward then got back into his car before mounting a kerb and driving at grandparents George, 61, and Emma Wylie, 62, but didn’t make contact.

Police attended but Ward sped off on the wrong side of the carriageway during a short pursuit.

PC Zasada approached Ward’s car while the engine was running and told him to turn off the ignition.

Prosecutor John Bedford said: “Ward made direct eye contact with the officer and put the vehicle into gear.

“He drove at speed on to the roadway, dragging the constable with him who was leaning into the vehicle, holding on to the driver’s door with one hand and a pillar with the other.

“As he was being dragged on to the road the officer shouted ‘police, stop the car’.”

PC Zasada let go of the car before striking the window with his baton.

Ward asked his sister Clare to drive him to Stranraer later that day in order to travel to Belfast.

Mr Bedford added: “He didn’t mention what had happened and she didn’t find it odd as he had friends in Belfast.

“The port staff carried out a check on him and he had an outstanding warrant so couldn’t travel on the ferry.”

The pair had an argument in which Ward confessed to the attacks before he was driven back to Glasgow.

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All the victims fortunately escaped without injury but PC Zasada said in a statement: “I had a genuine and honest held belief that my life was in danger and I feared I was about to be dragged under the vehicle and ran over.”

Jason Beltrami, defending, told the court that Ward is still in a relationship with his former partner and have had a baby since the incident.