Nicola Sturgeon is outlining the SNP’s plan for the NHS after the covid pandemic.

The SNP leader said the SNP if re-elected to government will raise NHS inpatient, day case and outpatient activity to 10% above the pre-pandemic level.

She will say in a speech, today: “At the very heart of our plan is the National Health Service - and if we are re-elected the SNP will bring forward a plan for a full-scale post-pandemic remobilisation of the NHS.

Glasgow Times:

“Our plan has three clear steps: firstly, invest in, and recognize, the contribution of the magnificent NHS staff who care for us.

“Secondly, enable more people to get the right support closer to their home.

“Thirdly, building and maximizing hospital capacity so more patients can be treated more quickly.”

The Scottish Conservatives are launching their ‘Rebuilding Roadmap’ a plan for “easing restrictions, protecting jobs and restarting Scotland’s economy”.

Scottish Tory leader, Douglas Ross, is in Glasgow today to outline the plans for a “faster road out of recovery” bringing forward plans for May 17 by three weeks to April 26, with the exception of indoor mixing.

Glasgow Times:

Ross said: “The public health data has improved considerably and Nicola Sturgeon herself said if that happened, we could look to safely speed up Scotland’s reopening dates.

“We welcome that face-to-face learning in schools is resuming.

“But there is still not enough emphasis on the impact of these restrictions on mental health, physical health and family finances. It’s disappointing that has been overlooked despite the more encouraging public health data.

“Now is the time to start tackling the mammoth task of rebuilding our economy, not dragging Scotland back to the uncertainty of another referendum.”

The Scottish Greens are pledging to enshrine anonymity for victims of sexual offences in law, and make legal aid available to all domestic abuse victims.

Patrick Harvie, Scottish Greens co-leader, said: “The Scottish Greens believe victims of sexual violence must be given the legal right to anonymity. We don’t believe the current set up, where publishers adhere to a voluntary code, is suitable for the digital age.

Glasgow Times:

“Far too many women and children experiencing domestic abuse in Scotland lack access to justice because they are not eligible for Civil Legal Aid. ”

The LibDems meanwhile want to se more use of testing for protecting people form Covid as we come out of lockdown

Glasgow Times:

Willie Rennie, Scottish LibDem leader, said: “These tests need to be available for routine testing in workplaces like police stations, supermarkets and factories rather than just community testing facilities which have been underused.”