GLASGOW Times readers have reacted to calls for an extension to theory test certificates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Today we reported that Kirsty McLaughlan, from Kinning Park, is appealing for more time time on her theory after not being given the opportunity to pass a practical test in more than a year.

We asked our readers if they think the theory certificate should be extended. Hundreds of people shared their thoughts.

READ MORE: Glasgow learner driver calls for extension to theory certificates amid lockdown

Jodie Dow said: "100 per cent they should be extended! Not our fault we couldn't get out and take our test." 

Megan Andrew added: "There should definitely be an extension! It's not our fault lives got put on hold for over a year."

Lizzy Dougherty wrote: "Totally agree! I contacted DVLA and was told there would be no extension."

Gillian Milliken said: "100 per cent. My daughters runs out at the beginning of July, so considering she will only have eight weeks from when they start to allow driving lessons to commence and DVLA have a backlog of tests, she will need to resit her theory test again. It's ridiculous that DVLA are doing nothing to help people in a pandemic that find themselves in this unfortunate position. They should be ashamed. Pound signs is all they are seeing!"

But Ryan Murray disagreed. He said: "No, because of the safety implications of inexperienced drivers not having proved they can put the things they’ve learned in the accepted timeframe. They should however be entitled to a free re-test if they’ve had practical tests cancelled and refusal to do so is just money grabbing of the highest order."

Glasgow Times:

Samantha Robinson commented: "Yes, 100 per cent. My daughter has had four tests cancelled and her theory has run out, they should definitely be extended. Not to mention the amount of extra money that has been spent on refresher lessons everytime her test is rebooked. I feel so sorry for everyone who has waited a year to sit their test and now have to start from scratch."

Meanwhile, Helen Kane added: "Definitely and the government should step in to help with paying for lessons as a year has went by with no lessons. My daughter had about 25 lessons then nothing for a year, it’s like starting all over again, plus no theory test available... seems unfair."

Karen Murray said: "Definitely! I tried contacting them regarding this as my sons runs out in September and he’s had his test cancelled three times but I got nowhere, had a harsh debate trying to get the point across about the thousands of people in this situation but they weren’t interested." 

Jenniee Differ wrote: "It's a pandemic. They never had a choice so they should have been extended. Infact, learning to drive is essential and it should never have been halted in the first place."

READ MORE: Glasgow learner driver calls for extension to theory certificates amid lockdown

Anj Ellina said: "It’s near impossible to book a theory test and if there are now going to be resits it’s going to make it even worse."

Sam Louis: "Yes I've had mine a year and not been able to do a thing with it."

In response to our previous article, a spokesman for the DVSA said: "Ensuring new drivers have current, relevant knowledge and skills to identify developing hazards is a vital part of the training for young and new drivers, who are disproportionality represented in casualty statistics.

“To ensure their safety, the government has decided not to extend theory test certificates and learners will need to pass another theory test if their certificate expires.”