A MAN who was caught growing nearly 20 cannabis plants said that they were to help treat his throat cancer.

Paul Harkess, 50, pleaded guilty to producing the controlled drug at his home in Castlemilk.

On December 30, last year, ­officers acting on police intelligence, attended the flat at 7.30am.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard: “There was a smell of cannabis within the close. At around 11.20am, the accused ­arrived.

“He informed police he was growing cannabis plants and stated that these plants were just beginning to grow. Police detained the accused, and he was searched outside the flat. He admitted again that he was growing cannabis in his bedroom to obtain CBD oil to treat his throat cancer.

“Around 11.40am, the accused unlocked the door to the property. A total of 19 plants were observed along with lighting and extracting equipment. Police cautioned and arrested the accused. He was conveyed to the police office.

“A search warrant was granted at 3.25pm. Police attended at the accused’s home and 19 cannabis plants were seized along with a ventilation system. At 5.03pm the accused was held liable.”

Harkess’ solicitor informed the court that his client advised that the drugs were for his own use only.

He added: “He was self-medicating after being through a course of radiotherapy late last year. The concern for the court would be his serious record. However, there is a clear focus for supervision if you would be persuaded to deal with this matter in a non-custodial way. There has never been supervision as he was in and out of prison.”

Harkess was made subject to 12 months supervision and ordered to pay a fine of £420.