A GROUP of pals have vowed to change the lives of children throughout Glasgow after finding themselves with “limited options”.

Best mates Kieran McGregor and Declan Slater, along with their respective partners Jodi Hillhouse and Jennifer Ralston, grew up in Priesthill and Pollok.

Glasgow Times: Declan Slater and Jennifer RalstonDeclan Slater and Jennifer Ralston

Upon finishing school, the group ventured into different careers, with both Kieran and Declan starting out in trades.

However, as the foursome – who are now 26 – entered adulthood they began to feel they had “wasted” their younger years and missed out on the opportunity to pursue their passions without vital guidance to from school or mentors.

Glasgow Times: Kieran McGregor and Jodi HillhouseKieran McGregor and Jodi Hillhouse

“I felt as if I was really sporty in school, but there wasn’t any support,” Kieran said.

“The amount of stories I remember hearing about this boy or girl who could have done this or that, but there was no support.

“When I hit 16, I didn’t have a clue about what was ahead and I didn’t realise how critical the next 10 years were.”

Kieran says his grades weren’t “anything special” so he and his mates were pushed onto construction courses before quickly falling into the path of spending their weekends drinking.

He says it’s a common theme in areas like his, where young people from less privileged backgrounds aren’t helped to find their feet and is now determined to stop other young people from making the same mistakes.

“I feel like I’ve flung away 10 years of my life,” he added, “so I want to do as much as I can and put as much money as I can back into the community and help nurture people into the right paths.”

The group have set out to take part in a number of fundraising activities, alongside their day jobs, with the aim of creating community clubs, groups and, one day, a space to help take young people off the streets and get them focused on their futures – whatever that may be.

He said: “I was offered

drink in a park at 14, I left school in fourth year and did all I could do which was construction.

“I still see it happening, but now we’re adults we want to help other people.”

The group are running a charity raffle page, with 100% of funds going towards their community, on Rumbles Prizes Facebook page.