RESIDENTS near Ibrox have objected to Rangers' bid to change car parking plans.

The club has asked the council for permission to reduce the number of spaces at the Albion car park from 900 to 450.

It says the 450 spaces will be replaced at alternative locations – with 366 identified in a report sent to the council.

There is a separate plan – under consideration by the council – to build 160 homes on part of the car park.

However, people living near the stadium are concerned about a reduction in spaces.

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A process to introduce a parking zone at Ibrox to tackle matchday parking problems has been postponed due to Covid-19.

Residents say until that has been completed, the reduction in spaces should not be allowed.

Mary Williamson wrote: “As the ongoing event day parking is on hold, I feel this application should – at the very least – be delayed until the outcome of that is known.”

And Mary Johnston stated match days are a “nightmare for local people”.

“I cannot understand how this planning application for the substantial reduction of car parking can go through until the findings from the public hearing for the ‘Ibrox Event Controls’ are concluded”, she added.

Rangers have described the parking zone plans as “flawed” and the process is currently delayed until August this year.

Back in 1991, the club got permission to increase the capacity of the stadium and entered a legal agreement to provide car parking.

They have now asked to change a condition to release part of the Albion car park.

Plans state the council “will modify or discharge the agreement on the occurrence” of the “availability on a permanent basis to Rangers of alternative car parking areas within the vicinity of the stadium”.

They add: “Rangers are procuring 450 parking spaces at alternative locations in the vicinity of the stadium.”

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Most of the 14 objections have been made by members of Ibrox and Cessnock Community Council.

John McKinstry wrote: “Where are 450 parking spaces to be found? Can they be located on site as per the original consent agreement? Not according to the information supplied with the proposal.”

Kirsty McDowall added: “I understand that they do wish to provide over 300 additional new spaces in the surrounding area under their control however this leaves a large shortfall.

“This is unacceptable as the area is extremely stretched for capacity currently on non-match days, let alone match days.”

Robin Webster was advised by a council officer, in December last year, that Rangers were in ongoing negotiations with a neighbouring landowner over “provision of around 300 car parking spaces”.

That would “redress any shortfall and result in no net loss”, the officer added.

But Mr Webster stated while that was “encouraging”, he didn’t believe permission should be granted until “negotiations are satisfactorily completed”.

An extra 40 spaces could be found if a grass verge at the car park is converted, Rangers’ plans state.