THERE’S nothing worse than working on a bank holiday when everyone else is off enjoying the spring sunshine or waiting 45 minutes in a queue for IKEA.

What better way to console yourself than with a takeaway at lunchtime? Something that is usually reserved for a Friday treat in our office.

Our go to would usually be a popular peri-peri chicken restaurant as a safe bet. At least every time we go there, we know exactly what to expect.

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That’s not the ethos of Times Takeaway though. It’s our job to try the good, the bad and the ugly of Glasgow’s vast array of eateries so that you don’t have to. So this week, I decided to take a risk.

FWOKX has been many different establishments over the years, offering Glaswegians a variety of different cuisines.

Now, it boasts loaded fries, burgers and chicken as well as Chinese. It’s often difficult to trust takeaways that boast more than one cuisine but at this point I was desperate. My own order was under the threshold for delivery, so I really twisted a colleague’s arm to join me in trying the best the Union Street eatery had to offer.

We both had the Buffalick Burger. Jamie ordered peri-peri fries and I ordered salt and chilli fries. Jamie had a side of wings too, which he said were thick, juicy and succulent.

The order arrived rapidly and was still hot when we received it. This was good value for money and the meals came in individual boxes which I felt was a nice touch. Two main courses, a side and two drinks with change from £30 is practically unheard of in the city centre. The chips were delicious, hot and crispy.

Jamie had been given the wrong fries but didn’t have too much of a reason to complain about this. The flavours on the burger did not come through much and it was a little watery but still had enough of a kick to it for a Monday lunchtime. It kept us full until dinner time and we were prepared to go for 3.5 stars.

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But then, as WhatsApp messages between us will confirm, that familiar feeling came the next morning where you’ve eaten something that doesn’t quite agree with you the day before.

This is an all too familiar feeling for people like us who are fast approaching 30.

You can no longer eat the same things you might have enjoyed on the way home from a night out a decade earlier unless armed with Rennies or a bottle of Gaviscon. At least the chips were good.