DOG owners are being warned to stay vigilant after rat poision was spotted along with biscuits in a grassy area in Glasgow.

The shocking discovery was found in grass at Fairburn Street, just off of Wellshot Road, Shettleston.

A nearby resident was walking his two dogs when he came across the poison. 

He said: "One of my dogs was hovering around the biscuit so I ran over and pulled him away.

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"That when I saw the red pellets. It made me feel sick, especially after learning what rat poison can do to a dog.

"It's terrible that someone could put this type of substance down where folk walk their dogs."

The resident cleaned up the mess and took to Facebook to share the news.

Glasgow Times: The grassy area The grassy area

He wrote: "Pet owners. Be careful taking your pets to the grass at Fairburn Street off Wellshot Road.

"Some horrible individual has put rat poison down with biscuits."