BEFORE 25 minutes had been played in the 1961 League Cup final, the trophy was “as good as on the Ibrox sideboard,” declared the Evening Times the next day.

“Rangers’ reputation of never giving a team a second chance received substantial backing last night when they contemptuously swept Hearts’ challenge from the Hampden field in the League Cup replay,” said our report.

“In these devastating opening minutes Rangers – back again to their great play of the beginning of the season – shattered a Hearts team which, despite half a dozen positional perms never managed to break into the game.”

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It was December 18th (the original final had been played in October and had ended in a 1-1 draw). Rangers scored three goals to seal their fourth League Cup victory - Ralph Brand, Ian McMillan and Jimmy Millar were the stars of the show – and according to our report, “they had never won it so easily or so well.”

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