A GLASGOW DJ is back in control of his own Twitter account following a police investigation.

George Bowie was allegedly hacked at around 2am on March 5, and the hijacker reportedly spouted sectarian slurs and other bizarre slogans.

Police were informed following the incident and launched a probe.

Today, the DJ took to Twitter to provide an upate to his thousands of followers. He wrote: "Finally after 6 weeks and a pending legal case I have got my Twitter back! Get in.

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"As soon as @policescotland arrest the hackers I'll be able to name names but in the meantime it's just nice to be back in control of my account. Thank God that ordeal is over." 

Police Scotland confirmed that enquiries continue, but no arrests have been made. 

At the time, the DJ said: “I woke up and my wife had left a note on the kitchen table explaining what happened.

“I read some of them and I thought: I have to do a radio show now and if I sit here and read them I will be thinking about it all day.

“When I came off air, they had all been deleted and there was a message - which wasn’t from me - which said, 'Sorry guys, it has all been sorted'. 

“It bothers me because 99 per cent of people will see that and know it’s not me but there will be people who see that and think, 'Oh, that’s terrible what he said'.

"I told the police there was a lot of sectarian abuse, so could we look at this as a sectarian hate crime, rather than a cybercrime?"