A GLASGOW woman is set to compete at drag’s answer to Eurovision - the EuroStars. 

The 48-year-old has perfected the art of transforming into masculine characters as part of intricate performances under the drag name of Dorian Fisk. 

“As a Drag King, its very much an uphill battle to even get on the radar,” Dorian said. 

While Drag Queens such as Lawrence Chaney have found spotlight on RuPaul’s Drag Race other parts of the drag spectrum are not given such big platforms. 

“We get increasingly left out. I think the Queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race have certainly helped shine a spotlight on drag talent in Scotland but there not just queens up here,” the Drag King added. 

“The level of creativity amongst us is also equally spectacular.” 

The EuroStars Drag Contest hopes to “give all drag a platform” in an inclusive contest between performers from 33 countries. 

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Glasgow Times:

The competition in May will take place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

However Dorian added:  “Covid-19 has impacted things in a massive way but in a wonderful way.

“I discovered new skills as a result of trying to put these concepts together for virtual shows that were being booked in. 

“It’s been a really interesting creative discovery of new ways to create my art.”

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Glasgow Times:

During lockdown, the performer has been creating virtual acts similar to those expected in the contest. 

Prior to the pandemic, Dorian had performed at venues across the city after first getting involved in drag performances in Shanghai. 

Speaking of the EuroStars contest, Dorian added: “I just have to wait an see now. They’ve got some really famous faces in the judging lineup so it very exciting.”