MOST exciting news of the week? – hairdressers are back working again!

Wonder what their conversation starters are now, since their favourite opening line, “are you going anywhere nice for your holidays?” is irrelevant right now.

Perhaps, “have you had your vaccine yet?”, “what background do you use for your Zoom calls?” or “have you bought any new houseplants recently?” will be top of their icebreaker questions!

Judi Martin

Via email

THERE is much discussion about opening up the economy with pubs, hairdressers etc at the forefront. Perhaps some attention should be given to opening up GP surgeries and health centres?

At present, you are more likely to win the lottery than have a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, practice nurse etc.

Yes, you can have a telephone call back consultation but it’s a poor relation to an actual face-to-face where you can have a proper examination and discussion.

If all these other places can be opened with safety measures in place, then why on earth can’t health centres do the same?



CYCLING Scotland has said that there are 50 per cent more people cycling than before the pandemic. That is certainly good news.

However the Chief executive of Cycling Scotland, Keith Irving, said “To get even more people cycling we need to invest more in infrastructure – and more dedicated cycle lanes “.

Wait a minute, Scottish taxpayers have already paid out tens of millions for “dedicated” specialist cycling facilities so it is about time cyclists contributed.

They can afford expensive bicycles, equipment and some even have cameras on their helmets. Strange that not many can afford a warning bell. An adult cycling fee of £40 a year would help restore good relations with the motorist and fill a few potholes.

Clark Cross

Via email

I READ Douglas Ross is advocating for pubs to reopen sooner than the date planned.

Mr Ross, don’t you realise that the First Minister has an agenda against big bad alcohol?

Throughout this pandemic there has not been a shred of evidence provided to link alcohol to Covid-19. Nicola Sturgeon has avoided the question on why you can sit in a pub with all the social distancing measures in place and have a soft drink but no alcohol. What is that all about? Maybe Mr Ross could ask her.

Danny McLean

Via email