IT is good to hear that the government are making plans for fans to return to Hampden Stadium in time for the Euros.

Football fans have been waiting for the announcement of being let back into grounds and, for the majority of fans, I know it has been difficult to get into the spirit from home.

It is such a great achievement for Scotland to make the finals, and some fans have never seen them at an international tournament so I look forward to being able to get back to normal and celebrate with my fellow Scotland fans.

Frank Glassford

Mount Florida

I WAS utterly distraught to hear about the death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. With his passing it feels like a period of our history is about to be lost to time.

He was not perfect and some of his comments were utterly contemptible. But in his DofE scheme and his unwavering support for the Queen, he was an important figure for the country.

May he rest in peace,

W Johnson


I’VE been thoroughly enjoying the entries to the Times Talent competition.

It’s been great to see people of all ages enter. We need to support our local talent and youngsters coming through and this has been a great way to do it.

M McQuade


I WAS interested to read the latest development in plans for international travel.

I just hope normal families aren’t priced out of going abroad with the cost of Covid tests.

June Taylor


I THINK the proposals for a traffic system for travel destinations is going to spark confusion and mayhem.

I can’t imagine it working at all.

I feel sorry for people who work in the travel industry. When is this ever going to end?

May Redmond

South Side

PEOPLE throughout Glasgow and beyond have been calling for a tougher stance on these mindless thugs activities which have snowballed during Covid lockdowns (‘We can’t go on like this’: Plea for end to Cardonald graffiti hassle near train line, Friday).

A photoshoot for a councillor will not make a difference. It is not just a victimless crime committed by simpletons but one which is soul destroying for communities and shop owners alike. For a city with the amount of cameras we have why are we not hearing of clampdowns, arrests and criminal records?

Anne McCurley

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