Rangers got ready for WrestleMania weekend by adding their custom WWE title to their Ibrox trophy room.

Gers-daft former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre made it his mission to get the wrestling company to send his beloved club a specially made championship belt in honour of their first Premiership trophy win in 10 years.

And, with McIntyre set to main event WWE's flagship pay-per-view later tonight, the Light Blues showed off a short clip of their staff shining up the title and placing it in their winners' cabinet.

Gers were sent the championship by McIntyre as well as legendary wrestler Triple H who congratulated Steven Gerrard's side on their accomplishment.

The WWE have a history of sending winning sports teams a custom-made award for their successes and they have previously sent them to the likes of the US Women's football team after they won the World Cup, Kansas City Chiefs after their Superbowl success and the LA Lakers after they won the NBA Finals.

Drew McIntyre faces Bobby Lashley for the WWE title on night one of WrestleMania 37.