CYCLING activist group GoBike have hit out at a petition against the installation of bus and bike lanes in Pollok after the campaign gained more than 1000 signatures online.  

GoBike have said that the petition has “no valid claims” against the installation of temporary bus and bikes lanes on Brockburn Road and Braidcraft Road after locals voiced their opinion on the online campaign and on social media.  

As previously reported, residents voiced fears that the lanes, which have been installed as part of the Spaces for People scheme, would create more congestion along the busy road, as well as creating problems concerning access to and from emergency service vehicles to the nearby police and fire stations. 

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Glasgow Times:

Thomas Cornwallis, convenor of GoBike Glasgow, has responded to these claims, saying: “It seems bizarre that people are so against this change in the surrounding area. The Spaces for People scheme has been welcomed across many different areas in Glasgow without this level of backlash.  

“For lanes that haven’t been fully installed yet, it seems as though the vocal minority are jumping to conclusions. 

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“We have already seen a similar layout installed on London Road, where this is also a police station, which hasn’t had any problems that residents seem to be concerned about in Pollok. 

“‘What if’s?’ are not valid reasons to pause the rollout, especially since Glasgow City Council have already confirmed that they have consulted with Police Scotland regarding the rollout.” 

Glasgow Times:

Thomas also pointed out that the poor condition of the roads in the area may also be inproved with less heavy traffic on the road. 

He said: “The roundabout behind Silverburn and at the end of both Borckburn and Braidcraft Road has been destroyed by heavy vehicles for years. 

“More bikes on the road means less stress on the road.”

The Spaces for People scheme has seen Glasgow City Council and Sustrans team up for install measures such as widening pavements and creating pop-up bike lanes and bus lanes after funding was made available during the pandemic.  

Joel Cooney, a GoBike member who regularly cycles through Pollok, said: “Having protected space on Braidcraft Road extends the “safe zone” in Mosspark and Bellahouston by about a mile.

“The lanes are aimed at the many people who started cycling last April when levels of traffic dropped to negligible levels and who rapidly stopped cycling when some of that traffic returned. Little islands of safe infrastructure like this, although not fully joined-up, at least provide a start towards something safer. 

“Suddenly, a bike journey from, say St. Marnock’s Primary to Tescos at Silverburn for someone dropping off their kid in the morning isn’t as daunting a prospect as it might have been a few weeks ago.”

Thomas said:”It makes sense to invest in this infrastructure to encourage more people getting out and cycling. 

"We have already seen an increase during lockdown and the bike lanes, and bus lanes, across the city will make it easier for people to feel safer.”