A PENSIONER has been left with “nothing” after a devastating fire tore through her family home of more than 30 years at the weekend. 

Three fire engines were used to contain the flames that ripped through Agnes Thomson’s home in Baillieston during the early hours of Saturday morning. 

The 71-year-old and her son, Jamie, watched on in disbelief as the blaze invaded the house where she raised four children. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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Jamie, who currently stays with his mum, had been sleeping on the sofa before he began to hear the walls give way to the flames. 

He said: “I luckily fell asleep on the sofa and woke up to a piece of plaster falling off the wall. I went to the kitchen, opened the door and the oxygen completely fed it. It just went up on fire.

“After that, the whole place went up in flames.

“By the time the fire brigade came, it was all on fire. Everything was gone. 

“It was a bit of a blur so I can’t remember much, but I remember going back through and making sure the neighbour’s children were out of their house. The fire looked like it was going to start spreading.”

Glasgow Times:

Firefighters worked for almost two hours to tackle the vigorous fire before they could leave the scene. 

Now, the aftermath has left Agnes - who is currently working in a supermarket - with nothing but one toilet.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Jamie said: “As you can imagine, she is devastated and anxious about the whole situation. All the effort she has put in to the house over the years has gone. 

“She raised four children in that house, working four jobs and doing it all on her own. I’m so gutted for her, sometimes there are just no words. Nobody deserves this, but especially not my wee mum.

“Everything has been burnt to a crisp, from pictures and presents from her grandkids. 

“The damage is so bad, that the fire has taken the rendering off the walls and that the structures are off the roof - they’re completely non-existent now. We have a toilet and that is pretty much it.

“It will take months and months until we can get back in there.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Unfortunately, the family’s home insurance doesn’t cover damage of contents, flooring, carpets, wiring, windows, plumbing or plastering. 

An online fundraiser has been established by the local community with the aim of raising £20,000 to help Agnes get back on her feet and into her home again. 

Jamie added: "Mum could barely afford to pay what she was paying at the time, never mind paying for extensive insurance on top of that."

 So far, more than £900 has been donated by generous members of the public. 

Glasgow Times:

“People have really rallied around to help us after the fire and we are so grateful to them”, Jamie said.

“It is just such an unfortunate situation. I wish God could come down and snap his finger and get our home back again.

“Mum has worked so hard all of her days and for not very much, she doesn’t deserve it. 

“All the way through Covid she has been getting up to do her bit even at her age when she should have been staying at home.”

“I need to get her back in her house and have her happy again. It wouldn’t affect her very well if she was taken away from her local community that she has been a part of for so long now.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

On Friday, we revealed how the number of deaths related to fires in Glasgow have more than doubled during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Figures showed that while house fires dropped in number, seven people were killed as a result of blazes in the city in the past 12 months - up from three the year before.

Area Commander Roddie Keith is asking friends, relatives, carers and neighbours to let the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service know about anyone who might be more liable to be a victim of fire.

See HERE for information and an online form.

Or call 0800 0731 999 or text “FIRE” to 80800 from your mobile phone.

To donate to Anges’ online fundraiser, visit HERE.