I completely agree with the need for safe cycling lanes that have been installed in Pollok.

I know that I would be more likely to cycle if I knew I was safer on the roads.

Also I travel along Brockburn Road frequently and anything that will put less stress on the already destroyed road has to be a plus! The area is riddled with potholes that only seem to be getting worse.

K Reid


Since they opened Silverburn and built the houses in Leverndale, Brockburn especially has become a lot busier.


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Our readers had plenty to say about yesterday’s lockdown easing announcement...

Finding it happy to feel remotely positive about lockdown easing.

The government is only partially keeping up with how people are living their lives currently.

I know stunningly few people sticking to the rules surrounding meeting friends and family indoors and travelling across local authority boundaries.

If we are to go into another lockdown, as most people feel is inevitable, let us enjoy ourselves until we get to that point.

H. Lyttleton


I am delighted to hear about the slight lockdown easing planned for this week.

I’ve been desperate to travel outside of Glasgow to meet with family and am very excited the First Minister has announced this can go ahead at the weekend.

I’d take visiting family over shops opening any day!

F Gerald