Spring has sprung, but for those living in Scotland, sometimes it can take a bit longer for the weather to catch up.

We’re used to all seasons in one day, but hopefully, not only the brighter days are coming but the warmer days too.

So now is the best time to get your garden sorted so you’re not running about mad at the first sign of Summer.

No matter how big your garden or outdoor space is at home, having access to your own little oasis is a blessing when it comes to sunnier days.

Often neglected over the winter and in bad weather, it’s easy to think that adding a bit of life to your garden can mean lots of work and money.

Don’t worry, s1homes are here to help. Here are our top tips for revitalising and updating your garden, making it a welcoming and useful space without spending too much money.

Create a private seating area

Whether it’s for somewhere to read your latest book or just chill out with a beer or some sangria, adding a seating area to your garden or balcony can make it very inviting. Depending on the size of your space, you can opt for a large sofa complete with handy storage or a simple 2-seat bistro set. If you can’t have permanent seating, why not try some waterproof beanbags or foldaway seats that can be stored indoors.

It’s easy to find a bargain online, from retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair and even eBay. You might even find something in the aisles at your local supermarket.

Do it al fresco

The easiest way to make yourself feel like you’re on holiday in your own garden is eating al fresco. Enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by birds singing or have a family BBQ for lunch and dinner. It’s important to find a great dining table that not only fits all your guests but is comfortable enough to enjoy throughout the day and even long into the night. Dining sets have become a staple in many gardens over the years and luckily, they are easy to come by and at affordable prices. You can easily find a 6-piece set, including 4 chairs, table and parasol for less than £100. Check out your nearest supermarket for bargain dining table sets.

Light it up

If your BBQ parties tend to carry on into the wee hours or you just enjoy the night air, you’ll need to add some light. This could be some fairy or festoon lights, some cosy lanterns or lights lining up your path or around the fence. All these options are available in either solar or battery powered options meaning you don’t need any electrical outlets. It’s also a low-cost option. Using lighting is a great way to cordon off an area of your garden or brighten up a small space like a courtyard or balcony. Stick to a classic white bulb or introduce some colour with some multi-coloured bulbs.

Practice your potting skills

There’s no better way of adding some life to your garden than literally adding some plant life. Again, don’t be put off by the size of your space. You can add plants to any size of garden or balcony, and you don’t need to worry about digging up your grass or soil. Potted plants are a great way to add colour plus you can easily do this with little gardening skill. Add some potted trees to either side of your doorway, add some hanging baskets to your fence or even along your balcony railing. Why not try experimenting by growing your own vegetables too?

A brush of colour

A great and simple way to give your garden a total makeover is by adding some colour to your fence, shed or decking. It’s a great workout too. Don’t be shy with your colour choice, there are so many bold colours to choose from these days from fresh pastel blues to bold pinks. Why not keep your decking and fencing subtle but add a statement shed?

So we’ve given you plenty of ideas to update your garden but what about adding some fun elements? These aren’t necessarily going to make your garden look better, but they’re certainly going to make any summer parties you have much more fun!

In summer it’s all about staying cool and what better way to do that than a dip in your pool? Whether that’s a full dive into a massive swimming pool or dipping your toes in a kids paddling pool. Whatever size you go for, it’s important to have areas to cool down for your kids and your pets during summer.

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning the good old BBQ. Whether you’re firing up the coals or lighting up the gas, there’s nothing better than a summertime BBQ with friends and family when we’re allowed to have guests over. Why not add in a fire pit for toasting marshmallows and sharing campfire stories?

Check out our s1homes blog for more advice on sprucing up your home on a budget.