COUNCIL enforcement officers have made more than 620 visits to check up on hairdressers and barbers - with only one prohibition notice being handed out.

Environmental Health bosses have praised the industry in Glasgow for its efforts in following new Covid-19 guidelines since reopening on April 5.

There was a rush on appointments for hair cuts after months of closure following the coronavirus lockdown.

After last Monday's change in the rules, which allowed barbers and hairdressers to open, officers carried out visits to check for full compliance of the rules.

Steven Craig, Assistant Group Manager, Environmental Health, said: “Over 620 visits to hairdressers and barbers have been carried out by officers following the easing of restrictions on Monday, April 5.

“We appreciate it can be challenging for businesses, especially where new restrictions are introduced, such as the appointment system for barbers and hairdressers."

Officers found a good level of compliance in barbers and hairdressers throughout the city.

Where appropriate, advice was provided to help businesses comply and follow up visits carried out.

Steven added: “However, we have found premises are generally complying and working within the guidelines, with officers providing advice where appropriate to assist businesses.

“One prohibition notice was issued for refusal to operate an appointment system which was quickly resolved by the business.

"Overall, we have been impressed with these businesses and their customers, who also have an important role to play in keeping the premises safe.”

Environmental Health and Trading Standards continue to provide businesses with access to information on what is expected of them to ensure compliance with the latest guidance and legislation aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19.

The council has a dedicated email address for businesses and citizens, should they have any concerns: