THE time has come for motorists to start paying proper tax on their metal monstrosities (“Meet the Glasgow man on a quest to conquer pothole menace in the city and beyond”, April 17).

Why should those of us who choose not to pollute the atmosphere with planet-killing tin cans have to pay for the damage they cause to roads?

Motorists as a section of society have to be the most selfish there is.

Bert Travers - Posted online 

MOTORISTS pay a lot in tax already with the “road tax” and petrol tax. Whereas cyclists unless they own a vehicle pay nothing at all extra! Good luck then getting produce to shops with less roads.

For selfish – try cyclists on pavements and whizzing through pedestrians on traffic lights when on red!

Westender 1 - Posted online

STEWART Paterson’s article on the prevention of drug deaths and the serious lack of funding in recent years should be compulsory reading material for all candidates to the forthcoming elections in May (“Maybe this ball game needs a new team?”, April 17). Addiction and mental health services need to be massively redesigned with the experience of workers and service users at the forefront.

MA, Glasgow

WITH reference to John Connelly’s letter (April 16) – now in my 80s, I feel that perhaps it’s time to vote for a party who will do “something” for the OAPs as the SNP have ignored us for the past 10 years. They only concentrate on young people where money is unlimited.

We have the worst pensions in Europe and the SNP have done nothing to address this except blame the Tories in London! Any excuse ,eh?

Sadly, John, I do not think a decade of building will suit us.

Forget the past, today I think I will try Labour “if” the candidate lives locally. Only then will they understand the problems.

Name and Address supplied

AND leave us defenceless (“Independent Scotland could lead global nuclear disarmament, Patrick Harvie claims”, April 18)?

With the way things are escalating between Russia, Ukraine and the US, and Iran and Israel, we would be best hanging on to our defence capabilities.

Colin MacEwan - Posted online

THE Scottish Greens... a shark with no teeth.

I always gave them my list vote but not now.

The problem is I no longer know what they stand for or what their priority is. The one thing I do know, it’s NOT the environment.

Bill Anderson - Posted online