DEAR Janice, with restrictions lifting I should be excited at the thought of going to my friend’s house for dinner and a movie – however, I’m not. Problem is, she is menopausal, which means regardless of the temperature, her heating is always turned off and her house is blinking Baltic! Last time I went for dinner I had so many clothes on I could hardly move, I shook and shivered with the cold and my nose dripped all night. If I was nipping in for 10 minutes it would be fine, but the thought of a full evening sitting in a fridge again is filling me with dread. How can I say no? Sally.

Dear Sally, you’re right, it’s not quite the cosy dining experience you would normally look forward to, that’s for sure. I do think it’s rather selfish of her to expect you to sit in freezing conditions for hours which would make the hardiest of people miserable, and as she can’t endure any form of heat, and you can’t morph into an Eskimo for the evening, a compromise needs to be had.

Difficult as it may be, just be honest and say that you’d love to join her for dinner but that you really can’t stand to be cold and miserable again. After all, she has a beautiful home, and you love visiting, but last time was pretty awful chittering and shivering for hours. Tell her that now restrictions have lifted you want to glam up for the evening, not sit shrouded in layers.

She could put the heating on and sit near an open window and you could sit near a radiator if that’s possible. If it’s not an option to have some form of heating, then apologise and say thanks but no thanks, and suggest that whenever it’s warm enough for a barbeque outdoors, you’ll be happy to join her. At least outside you can move about and keep warm.

Dear Janice, my daughter is the apple of my eye, I would do anything for her. Trouble is, she is in a relationship with a lying, two-face, womanising drunk. If I mention his name to anyone, I get a look of disbelief that she is with him, so it’s not just me being an overprotective dad. But, according to my daughter, everyone has got it wrong, and he really is a wonderful guy. My ass! How can I convince her to dump him and get herself a decent bloke? Bill.

Dear Bill, you don’t hold back, do you? This is not a good position for you to be in and heart-breaking for you to think of your beloved daughter in this situation. However, everything you’ve heard is hearsay, and I’m not saying it’s not correct, but you really do need to let him prove you wrong (or right), and for her to witness for herself his true character.

I’ve no doubt she is seeing the best of him and perhaps in her company he really is the loveliest guy she has ever known, but her rose-tinted glasses will be staying firmly on I’m afraid until HE does something to change her opinion about him, not you.

A wise friend once told me, “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”. Get what I’m saying? So, think smart, Bill. Get to know the guy, play the game and be his best buddy. (There is a chance he’s not as bad as everyone is making out.) That way you’ll see for yourself what he’s really like, and if he’s a bad ‘un, well... it won’t be too long before his mask slips and you both see him for what he really is.

Dear Janice, my boyfriend is so much better looking than I am, and I see other females (and males) eyeing him up all the time. I constantly worry that it’s only a matter of time till he leaves me for someone prettier, and it’s ruining the fun times we have together. He says he only has eyes for me. Should I just dump him before the inevitable happens? Holly.

Dear Holly, you should be happy you’ve bagged a beauty and not a beast. It’s not what really counts in a relationship, but it’s a bonus.

However, sadly, you don’t seem to be feeling like the cat who’s got the cream. Recently, I bumped into a guy every single girl at school drooled over (he never looked the road I was on), and he was barely recognisable, and not in a good way! Looks often fade; personality, good nature and being a decent human being are qualities which far outweigh an image.

Even some of the most gorgeous women in the world have been dumped and partners leave for a variety of reasons, but trust me, it’s very often nothing to do with looks.

Holly, there will always be someone prettier than you, smarter than you and wealthier than you (this goes for all of us), and I dare say your man could have his choice of women, but he chose you, so have more confidence in yourself and appreciate the wonderful qualities you have, after all he is with YOU for a reason.

Let’s be honest, too: if he were to leave you for someone else just because they’re prettier, then you’re well rid.