THE people that are disenfranchised in the city are walkers and joggers (“Letters: Road repairs should not be paid for by cyclists”, April 19).

A clear bias towards cars and cyclists, never mind e real vehicles that cause potholes – vans, buses, lorries.

There should be a clear and safe bias towards pedestrians, cyclists should also have to obey laws and stay off pavements.

Probably the guy will come up mumbling, but it is the only way to avoid potholes!

Ed Cartvale

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WHY shouldn’t cyclists pay some sort of tax?

They use the roads as well, therefore any repairs benefit them as well.

That being said, it would help if they stuck to the rules of the road as well and stopped at red lights, as the number of cyclists I see in Glasgow jumping lights is beyond a joke and our wonderful police sit and watch them do it. So, they should be treated the same as any other road user

Ricardo Corrieri

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EVEN though Scottish councils have not been allowed to increase council tax this year, East Renfrewshire Council are indirectly increasing their council tax by stealth.

From June this year this council will charge private households £40 a year to uplift their garden waste. Most of the inhabitants of East Renfrewshire were unaware of this charge, until recently, as it was kept very quiet by the East Renfrewshire councillors, and obviously came in by a back door.

This charge is unnecessary as the council already financially profits from the sale of garden waste, for compost, to garden companies.

How will this council apply this charge to tenement properties, where there would be a mixture of private and council house tenants, as the charge would not apply to the council tenants? Therefore, who is going to meet the charge? Also, private tenants in self-contained houses could decide to recycle their own garden waste for compost.

Like Mrs Thatcher’s misguided Poll Tax, this charge could end up a costly financial embarrassment to East Renfrewshire council, if their council taxpayers refuse to pay this ill-thought-out charge, by developing their own compost.


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