A THUG who dragged a district nurse from her car and attempted to drive off was jailed on Wednesday for 27 months.

Des O’Connor, 54, pounced on the woman outside his flat in Glasgow’s Newlands on December 27, 2020.

O’Connor had initially behaved erratically and smashed her car window with a glass bottle.

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He then opened the driver’s door and pulled the woman out before trying to get away.

But, a good Samaritan hauled O’Connor out the car and held him down until police arrived.

O’Connor pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assault and robbery as well as behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

The court heard the district nurse was due to visit a patient’s flat in the building where O’Connor also lives.

The nurse became aware that O’Connor was at her car behaving erratically, shouting and requesting entrance to the building.

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Prosecutor Graham Macdonald said: “He had a glass bottle in his hand and he struck the driver’s window.

“She was going to drive away but fearing what would happen next she said she would let him into the flats thinking it would calm him.

“Before she exited the car, O’Connor opened the door and took hold of her arm and pulled her from it.

“He entered the car and she said he started to try and get away.”

A resident in the flats attended, pulled O’Connor out and restrained him while a 999 call was made.

Lawyer, Ann McKinley, defending, told the court O’Connor has no recollection of events due to taking drugs and he cannot believe his behaviour.

Sheriff Martin Jones QC said: “This was an extremely serious robbery of a woman in the street of her motor vehicle.

“Although you didn’t know it, she was doing her job and going about her business visiting patients."