PLANS to merge two West End nurseries have been stopped following a public consultation.

Glasgow City Council asked for views on new build nurseries in three sites across the city - Tollcross, Broomhill and Govanhill.

In Broomhill it was planned that Fortrose and Novar nurseries would be merged in a new nursery on the site of the former Broomhill Primary Annexe.

But criticism of the scheme has seen an overhaul of the scheme.

Now, the two existing nurseries will remain as they are and the new nursery building will be rented out to a partnership provider.

Plans also included relocating Parkhead Community Nursery into a new nursery in the grounds of Tollcross park and to create a nursery class as part of Quarry Brae Primary School.

In the South Side, Govanhill Nursery and Cuthbertson Nursery class would move into the new nursery in the grounds of Cuthbertson Primary School.

Councillors approved building contracts of the three new nurseries in January and a consultation ran from December 16, 2020 to February 18, 2021.

There were four responses to the Tollcross plans and only one of the respondents had a child at a nursery in Glasgow.

Three out of the four respondents agreed with the proposal with the fourth appearing to be mistakenly responding to one of the other consultations.

At Broomhill, there were 78 responses with 33 of the respondents saying they had a child at a nursery in Glasgow.

Around 20% agreed with the proposal to merge Novar and Fortrose Nurseries into the new nursery at Broomhill while 79.5% disagreed.

Some respondents said they were concerned about increased traffic around the site of the new nursery.

Concerns were also expressed about the increased walking distance, particularly for those families who use Fortrose Nursery.

It was also felt that relocating the nursery to the new nursery at Broomhill would leave a gap in the Partickhill area.

At Cuthbertson there were 32 responses to the consultation with eight of those being teachers at Cuthbertson Primary School.

In total, 25 people were for the proposal and seven were against it.

Many of the comments said that investment is needed in the school playground.

Following the consultation, the Tollcross proposal will go ahead as planned if councillors approve a report going to committee today.

At Cuthbertson, the council says there is planned investment in the school playground and a working group set up to make the improvements as beneficial as possible.

There will be a statutory consultation for the nursery class at Cuthbertson Primary School and this should be completed by December 2021.

In light of the responses to the Broomhill proposal, council officers have changed the plans for the build.

Novar Nursery will remain in its current building, if councillors approve the plans.

As the new nursery at Broomhill nears completion, the council will offer the new building out to a funded provider who is in partnership with the council.

Fortrose will continue to provide term-time from 8.30am to 4.30pm with up to 33 full-time equivalent places for three to five year olds.

Novar will continue to provide 52 weeks from 8am to 6pm with 80 full-time equivalent places for three to five year olds.

The new nursery at Broomhill will be offered to a partner provider for rental and will offer up to 87 full-time indoor equivalent places for two to five year olds plus will have the potential for additional places to be registered for outdoor provision.

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: "The consultation was an opportunity for local communities, families and stakeholders to make their views known and the new nurseries will offer greater flexibility and choice to families as we offer the fully funded 1140 hours commitment across the city by August 2021."