I NOTE the leader of the council suggesting fly-tipping hasn’t increased as a result of council decisions.

This is clearly untrue. The council stopped free bulk refuse uplifts and introduced charging. She should speak to her colleague councillors to see if they agree.

I am sure they now will have many more complaints of couches, beds and other furniture being dumped on street lanes and backcourts.

Hopefully she will wake up soon and take a tour around the city with a more astute frontline cleansing representative and change her view as we prepare to host COP 26.

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AS a former teacher, Kaukab Stewart will know first hand the systematic education failures of the centre-right SNP administration (Meet The Candidates for Glasgow Kelvin, Wednesday).

The Curriculum for Excellence, for example, is universally recognised as anything but excellent and is, in fact, loathed by teachers and parents alike.

There are fewer teachers now than when the SNP first came to power and there are long term supply problems in crucial subjects.

There is a whole generation of kids failed by the SNP and it’s time Kelvin kicked out the useless yellow rosettes.

Liam Baxter

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WHERE are the hospitality leaders? Yet again First Minister Nicola Sturgeon places restrictions on their industry without any evidence that alcohol has any impact on the virus.

Many pubs still won’t open due to the ludicrous indoor rules – no alcohol but you can serve soft drinks.

This should be challenged in court but hospitality leaders are just letting it happen.

There is also discriminatory rules on pubs without beer gardens.

I have written a number of letters to this newspaper saying Ms Sturgeon has an agenda against alcohol, she is using this when deciding these rules on the industry.

D Mclean

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