IN reader D McLean’s letter this week regarding restrictions in place preventing pubs from serving alcohol indoors, he asks “Where are the hospitality leaders?” and also suggests “this should be challenged in court”.

A joint campaign, led by the Scottish Licensed Trade Association has indeed mounted a legal challenge to these restrictions. The campaign has been in direct contact with the First Minister raising the points made in D McLean’s letter.

So thanks for your support but it’s not the case that “hospitality leaders are just letting it happen”, they are fighting hard to save your local.

Billy Gold

SLTA member

Hielan Jessie bar Glasgow

IN reply to your article in Tuesday’s Glasgow Times on ‘No plans to re-open Maryhill Library’.

This is a shocking decision. So, yet another Glasgow-listed building, funded by Andrew Carnegie, and has stood since 1905, now to be abandoned to its ‘fate’.

So whatever happened to the ‘campaign by politicians to name it after ‘Maria Fyffe’? Maybe the politicians could have firstly, expanded their energy in trying to keep it open for the supportive local community.

Surely it could not be a cynical plot, a ‘cunning plan’ that given they can’t get their own way, they would be content to see it close instead?

Is it not true that all the politicians, MSPs and local councillors in the Maryhill area are SNP?

And is it not true that Glasgow City Council is run by the SNP?

As the song goes:

Libraries No More;

Education No More;

Historical Buildings no more, local identity no more

But, please remember at

the forthcoming elections to vote SNP.



SOMETHING else to bring down the neighbourhood (Plans for giant Tartan Army Euro fan zone at Glasgow Green submitted to council, Glasgow Times Online)!

I’ll be lodging my objection.

Colin MacEwan

Posted online

WHEN will swimming lessons resume for youngsters?

My five-year-old daughter is badly missing them.

She was doing so well and then everything got closed down.

Surely there is a way to work it so facilities such as these can reopen safely? Fingers crossed!

Leslie Wright

South Side