A BURN that flows into the River Clyde was pictured glowing luminous yellow yesterday afternoon. 

The Polmadie Burn, which flows through Richmond Park into the Clyde on the South, has previously been described as a poisonous "time bomb" by community representatives. 

Dangerous levels of hexavalent chromium - a chemical that has been linked to cancer - have been identified in the river in recent years, with locals revealing that they do not feel safe in the area. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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In 2019, one resident said: “I walk my dog near that burn every day. I saw the water had flooded over on to the path, are you going to test the soil for chromium?

“You said there is no danger for chromium getting air-born unless the water is evaporated.

“I have pictures here which show the water has evaporated and the soil underneath is white.

“The city council have done nothing about this.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Clyde Gateway previously warned politicians that contaminated land nearby the river posed an immediate risk to human health due to the waste leaking over into the burn. 

Executives at the regeneration agency confirmed that the deposits were leaching into West Scotland's river system “whenever it rains”.

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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Glasgow City Council teams had previously drained the burn at a low tide in an effort to contain the toxic leak. 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow City Council bosses have warned the public to stay away from the burn. 

A spokesman said: “Work led by Clyde Gateway to address the historic pollution created by the former chemical works operated by JJ White is ongoing.

“Our advice is for people to stay away from the burn at this time for their own safety.

“Chromium VI is only considered to be harmful if it is consumed or it comes into contact with the skin.”