SO another day and police have to waste their time escorting these “little darlings” home (‘Youths as young as 14 to 17-years old were so drunk they had to be escorted home by police officers’, Glasgow Times online).

Good job the SNP brought in the “no slap” rules! Now, they just run riot and are given a free taxi ride home!

It’s also sad that these kids over 16 are probably going to be voting in a few weeks time – model citizens in the making!

Surely the police should be investigating how all these under-aged drinkers obtained the alcohol in the first place and who (over the age of 18) bought it for them.

They should be prosecuted and possibly their parents too, who are responsible (usually not) for their behaviour!

Here’s an idea – just stick them in some of the large rubbish cages they have in the park and keep them there until they get sober and send for the parents to come to collect them.

Why should taxpayers be funding a police taxi service?


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THIS old chestnut about Celtic and Rangers going to a British league or joining the Premiership raises its head with dreary regularity every Spring (season ticket renewal time) and late Autumn (Annual General Meeting Time) and no intelligent Celtic or Rangers fan believes a word of it (Celtic and Rangers to British Super League latest as Glasgow duo tipped to ‘take chance’, Glasgow Times online)!

We are well aware that the leading English teams have no more desire to play Scottish teams than they have to play Turkish or Portuguese teams.

They want to play leading Italian, Spanish and possibly Bayern and Paris St Germain

as that is where the big TV money is.

They do not want Celtic or Rangers and they certainly do not need them.

Face it folks, it’s never going to happen.

Better to think of ways of developing and improving

the Scottish game and national team than indulging in a

weary fantasy that the clubs themselves know will never come to pass.

John Cairney

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YESTERDAY I watched two council workmen use half a small bag of asphalt to fill a pothole outside my house, one of them then smoothed the material out with the back of a shovel (City centre street next in line for major £437k makeover, Friday).

I asked him what was going on and he told me this was what they have been doing for the last month as they have no money for proper repairs.

Surely vanity projects like this can be postponed until a proper repair system is up and running, nearly everywhere I look there are problems with the roads and pavements.

Robert Smith

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