TALK about the pot calling the kettle black.

Football players “up in arms” about the English clubs joining the new Super League, saying owners are only thinking of one thing: money!

Are these not the same players who at the drop of a hat would change allegiance for the very same reason, more money!

Then we have our “honourable” politicians!

Now it’s Dominic Cummings, who is exposing Boris Johnson’s shady deals. Wonderful.

Only, he kept his mouth shut as long as Boris was paying him handsomely, rather than do the “honourable” thing and blow the whistle.

Aye, as my old dad said, “Money is king and always will be!


In last year’s financial budget, hundreds of thousands of pounds were found to fund the creation of cycle lanes on our roads.

These are rarely if ever used by the cyclists as they continue to prefer to use our pavements.

Could we find some cash this year to create pedestrian lanes on our pavements for the safety of the rest of us who simply want to walk on the pavement? The disdain shown by cyclists to pedestrians is embarrassingly shocking.


As some people complain about restrictions and others bask in the realisation that these restrictions are being lifted in order to enjoy their visit to the pub and other events, let’s think about the poor people in India and Brazil who are being left to die on the streets due to their Government’s inactions against this deadly virus.

The Covidiots must be rejected as they have no scientific evidence for their suicidal stance.

We must unite with other nations to defeat this virus and improve the prospects of all nations to rise and prosper once again.


I read with interest a response to my letter of Tuesday regarding Hospitality Leaders and that points made had been passed to the First Minister.

I do hope she responds to the points made by the S T L A but Mr Gold I fear it’s all to late and don’t be surprised if she puts other obstacles in the way. She has an agenda against alcohol drinkers.

D Mclean

It’s great to see the Glasgow Times is fighting to save the city’s venues. Don’t let them die.