A THUG who left his footprint on the head of an unconscious teenage boy avoided being locked up yesterday.

Mikey Hyslop, 19, struck Ronan Hammond, 18, to the ground in Rutherglen on July 15 2018.

The victim was rushed to hospital and has been scarred for life.

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Hyslop pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the assault to Mr Hammond's injury and permanent disfigurement.

He was made to pay £500 in compensation to the victim and ordered to do 180 hours of unpaid work.

Sheriff Martin Jones QC also put Hyslop, of Uddingston, under supervision for 12 months.

An earlier hearing was told there had been animosity between Hyslop and Mr Hammond.

Mr Hammond was warned late on not to attend a friend's house as Hyslop was inside acting aggressively.

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Prosecutor Amy Hunter said: "Mr Hammond walked away when he then felt being punched to his head and falling to the ground.

"Mr Hammond was observed to be lying motionless and Hyslop standing over him, stamping on his head.

"A friend tried to speak to him but believes he had lost consciousness as there was no response from him.

"This lasted for around 30 seconds until Mr Hammond started to groan and make noise."

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Mercy crews arrived and spotted blood coming from Mr Hammond's head.

Miss Hunter added: "There was also a clear footprint imprinted on to the side of Mr Hammond's head."

He was taken to hospital where a forehead wound was treated with glue which will leave a scar.