A FORMER care home worker sent vile racist abuse to a colleague after she stopped speaking to him without explanation.

Andrew Dick sent multiple messages to his victim on Facebook leaving her “extremely distressed”.

After she locked her account, the 51-year-old continued to post comments online, which others copied and showed to her.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Dick was “very significantly under the influence of alcohol” when he carried out the crime.

On April 12 last year, the victim attended Maryhill Police Station to report that she had been subjected to abuse online.

Depute fiscal Lauren Ram Sangray told the court: “On April 12 the police witness was asked to assist a female who had attended Maryhill police office who had received abusive racist messages from a former colleague.

“On April 10 in the evening she had received messages stating, ‘you’re an evil b****’.

“Another message stated ‘f****** Allah, your statement says it all.

“‘F*** Allah.

“‘Is he a real person? I don’t think so’.

“The complainer thereafter locked her Facebook account and later that evening had been sent screenshots to show the same Facebook page posting statements regarding her.

“They referred to her as a ‘b****’ and said ‘you are a nasty piece of s***’.

“The comments made her feel extremely distressed and upset.

“She received more screenshots stating, ‘I’m going to sound like a b****** but after she called me a c*** I don’t care.

“‘The wee s*** told me she thought she was pregnant after s******* a guy – tell that to Allah’.”

Dick’s defence agent told the court he had worked with the victim in a care home but had left his employment in December 2019.

The lawyer said: “He had reached out to the complainer as they had been good friends when they worked together.

“He was at a loss as to why she began to ignore him and he acted in this completely unacceptable way that was out of character.

“He’s accepting full responsibility and showing regret and remorse.

“He sent the messages when he was drunk and very significantly under the influence of alcohol.

“He’s had a very distressing upbringing and he has at times relied on alcohol as a coping mechanism.”

Sheriff Diana McConnell said: “It seems to me that alcohol is the issue here.”

She adjourned sentencing so that Dick, from Germiston, could be referred to the alcohol court.