A YOUNG man who saw his father murder his mother when he was four threatened a woman in her home with a knife.

The woman fled from the Drumchapel flat in her bare feet and carrying her dog in a state of fear following the 4am incident.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that on February 21 this year, Paul McPhail was drinking with the woman and her friend.

In the early hours of the morning, the 20-year-old began talking about his childhood and becoming upset.

He left the room, returning with a knife, and began to stab the headboard above the bed where the woman was lying.

Depute fiscal Lauren Ram Sangray told the court: "At around 4am the accused began speaking about his past, getting himself agitated and mentioning the death of his mum and that his father had murdered her and that the accused was a witness to this.

"The accused was in the bedroom of the property with the complainer and a friend.

"The accused left the bedroom and returned with a knife, shouting and swearing at the complainer, 'You're a b***, I'll take on all your f****** family'.

"The complainer did not reply to the accused and the accused stood next to her as she was lying on the bed and began to stab the headboard of the bed.

"The complainer grabbed her phone and contacted the police while retreating out of the room on the phone to the police.

"The accused walked towards her with the knife in his hand, causing her to be in a state of fear and alarm so much so she left the property in her bare feet with her dog."

Cops arrived and entered the flat, finding McPhail, from Cranhill, inside.

He told police he had been in possession of a knife but had returned it to a drawer in the kitchen.

Ms Ram Sangray added: "The accused also confirmed he had stabbed the headboard of the bed and said, 'I told you what happened'."

McPhail's defence brief told the court his client has one previous conviction, also for a domestic incident.

He said McPhail wants to take part in the Caledonian project, a scheme that works with domestic abusers.

The lawyer said the victim is keen to have him back to live with her and that he takes full responsibility for the incident.

He said: "There's no getting away from the fact this is a very serious matter and he accepts that this is the case.

"There was an upsetting, distressing incident that happened to his mother when he was four years old and this has had an effect on him.

"He had been drinking on the day in question and his recollection isn't very clear at all but he made a full acceptance of his guilt.

"He is still a relatively young man who experienced a childhood trauma.

"It is very clear he would benefit from a significant amount of involvement by social work."

Sheriff Diana McConnell deferred sentencing for a further criminal justice social work report to see if MacPhail would be suitable for help from the Caledonian project.