Nicola Sturgeon has said the Scottish Government will continue to talk to Glasgow City Council about supporting covid recovery but stopped short of offering financial assistance to re-open ore community venues.

The Glasgow Times launched the Save our Venues campaign after a list of dozens of libraries, community centres and sports facilities across the city were on a list of not to re-open as Glasgow Life begins opening up venues again.

It has around 90 that are opening after the council agreed to underwrite a £100m a year funding guarantee with Glasgow Life.

David McDonald, the chair of Glasgow Life and deputy leader of Glasgow City Council told the Glasgow Times unless there was an uplift in income or more money from the Government in lost funding support then a number of community and sports venues would not re-open under Glasgow Life.

When the question was put to the First Minister, whether the Scottish Government would provide funding, she said she wants all venues to re-open is possible and that talks would take place.

Sturgeon, said: “The Government will talk to Glasgow City Council as we talk to councils generally about how we support their own covid recovery. We’ve made additional funding available to councils over the course of the past year and we will continue to have constructive discussions and negotiations.”

She criticised some political opponents who she accused of spreading “misinformation”.

She added: “I know what David McDonald has said but there’ s also a lot of misinformation being bandied around about the position in Glasgow. I’ve seen some of it on social media, allegations about venues that are supposedly re-opening when actually there are plans to re-open them.

“I want to see as many, all if possible, but certainly as many community venues re-open as soon as possible, so we’ll continue to work with the council and talk to the council about how the Scottish Government can best support that.”

When asked if it would be financial help, Sturgeon replied: “It possibly could be financial help. I’m not going to conduct a negotiation on this call right now. That’s for the Scottish Government to discuss with the council in the normal course of how these things are done.”

She added it has not been raised with her in her constituency of Glasgow Southside where some of the venues are located.

Sturgeon added: “So, in my constituency, Langside Halls hasn’t got a date for re-opening yet but Langside Halls has been undergoing repairs and Refurbishment.

“One in my constituency actually is Scotland Street, which is on that list of supposedly not re-opening but there’s work being done in Scotland Street and there’s plans to re-open it as an early years centre.

“So that’s an example of one of the venues that’s been subject to misinformation.

“There’s libraries in my constituency that are due to re-open again tomorrow, having been shut for a long period of time, so I know how important these venues are.

“As a constituency MSP, should I be re-elected, I will always battle for these kind of venues in my constituency but I don’t think it helps anybody for opposition politicians to be bandying about misinformation.

“Everybody wants to see these venues open and open as soon as possible.”