I FIND it unbelievable that if the latest opinion polls are to be believed then the SNP would be returned to power.

Care Home Deaths (no inquiry)at the hands of Sturgeon, Freeman and the rest.

Salmond Inquiry and the highest drug deaths in Europe.

I always believed the people of Scotland were fair-minded and had a sense of what is right or wrong.

If it is still the case, then the SNP should be voted out of office in May.

D Mclean

Via email

I NOTICE that there is to be research into head damage to rugby and football players regarding Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Since the point of boxing is to deliberately cause head damage, preferably by knocking out the opponent, why are they not included?

B McKenna


IN support of Janice Bell, Agony Aunt, in reply to Suzanne (My best friend is copying me, The Glasgow Times, Monday, April 25), might I suggest that you buy something from a charity furniture shop and tell your friend it was a present.

It will be cheap and you can be sure your friend will not find an identical item.

You can later donate it to a charity shop!


East Kilbride

OUR readers had plenty to say on Graeme McGarry’s column yesterday (If new Celtic manager is to be Eddie Howe, the time should be now). Here are some responses...

WHY is it always such a drama to get recruits to Parkhead?

Could it be that the new manager feels it’s a poison chalice?

Ian Mackay

IF the person did not immediately say “yes, I want the job,” then he is the wrong man.

Michael Maciocia

DOM McKay and Dermot Desmond should, as a priority, sit down with Eddie Howe and sort this out.

Steven Scott