IT was all so very Glasgow, wasn’t it?! A belter of a weekend with blazing sunshine. Everyone smiling, going places, seeing people. The

photos of Weegie pals on social media everywhere you looked featured blue skies and happy faces.

There was even mention of “taps aff” – maybe

not so many happy faces at that prospect, right enough.

That aside, the sense of anticipation of the

next phase of reopening – on Monday – was palpable.

Shops opening again? Happy days.

Gyms opening again? Happy days.

But the headliner for this week was undisputed …


Hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands, of Glasgow pub outdoor tables booked out weeks in advance.

Everything was all set until … the pantomime villain came along, an all too familiar character at that.

The rain!

Cue on Monday, the blue skies changed to 50 shades of grey and the T-shirts were traded for cagoules and the outdoor pints became “tops” with the addition of some rainfall!

But the great thing was, the happy faces remained – you just can’t keep a good Weegie down. Getting p*shed while it’s p*shing doon!

There can’t have been a rainy Monday afternoon in history that has resulted in such vast outdoor custom for Glasgow’s bars, surely?

And things are only going to get better in the weeks and months ahead.

So, as I said last week, it’s a very warm (ha ha!) welcome back to all the city’s hospitality trade, and to hotels, to shops, to gyms, to pools, to any business which reopened its doors on Monday.

It’s brilliant to have you back and to see all the staff buzzing again.

Just one minor grumble to Joe Public though – if you are one of the few people who booked a table then didn’t show up but didn’t bother to cancel?

Gonna no dae that!

Let’s give all our local businesses all the support we can this summer, whether the weather is good or bad.

As for that rainy Monday afternoon custom record – if it rains on Monday, June 14, when we play the Czech Republic at Hampden, I’m sure that record will be broken!

Let’s hope it rains goals for the home team that day too.

Stay safe.