A FORMER soldier attacked his ex-lover’s boyfriend with a clawhammer.

John Train pounced on John Mills outside Michelle Muir’s flat in Glasgow’s Whiteinch on March 17 this year.

The 43 year-old - a Northern Ireland veteran - pleaded guilty to assaulting the victim to his injury.

But, Train, of Clydebank, was spared jail as a sheriff told him to "grow up".

Both men had been at the home of Miss Muir, who had been celebrating her 40th birthday.

Mr Mills had stood outside the property.

But, prosecutor Alasdair Knox told Glasgow Sheriff Court: “Train was agitated, shouting and screaming.

“He took a clawhammer and made his way towards Mr Mills and struck him on the arm.

“Mr Mills stumbled back and fall to the ground.

“Train continued to assault Mr Mills by kicking him on the face and body which caused him scrapes and bruises.”

Train fled, but was later caught trying to board a ferry to Belfast.

Ian McCarthy, defending, told the court: “He served in the army and in Ireland. He has done a lot for his country.

"He attended at Miss Muir's house as it was her 40th birthday.

"It was his intention through the children to pass her money for a present.

“He accepts he left with the hammer and went to confront Mr Mills and is ashamed."

The dad-of-five was tagged by Sheriff Ian Fleming for 150 days keeping him indoors between 7pm and 6am.

Train was also put under supervision for 18 months.

The sheriff said: “You are 43, it’s really time you grew up.”