MAYBE it is the recent burst of spring sunshine, or the fact that the vaccination programme is going full speed ahead, but it does seem like life is slowly getting back to normal.

These photos from our amazing archive are a comforting reminder of happy times past.

Flower pot filling on Buchanan Street in 1966 must have been a lovely job - these gents have made a good job of creating a splash of colour on the city streets.

Filling flowers in Buchanan Street in 1966.

Filling flowers in Buchanan Street in 1966.

You can just make out some of the old shop signs too, in the background - Saxone, Whitney and Moss Bros all reminders of Buchanan Street’s long held place at the heart of Glasgow’s Style Mile.

In April, 1975, the sun was shining as people took to the boats in Rouken Glen Park.

This picture perfectly captures the joy of a sunny day on the water.

The man-made park pond opened in 1924 and for years visitors could enjoy a trip out to its small islands by hiring a rowing boat or a catamaran canoe or climbing aboard a motorised pleasure craft. That service was withdrawn in 1983.

With spring and summer comes the reopening of bowling clubs and, Covid-willing, soon we might be able to see people enjoying themselves like these bowlers and visitors to Queen’s Park Bowling Club in 1974.

Queens Park Bowling Club in 1974

Queen's Park Bowling Club in 1974

The park, designed by Joseph Paxton and laid out in 1857, was dedicated to the memory of Mary, Queen of Scots and not Queen Victoria, a common misconception given its proximity to Victoria Road and the fact it was created during the latter’s reign.

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