SCOTSTOUN, Partick, Renfrew, Kinning Park, Bishopton, Boston, Paris, Miami, Dublin, Bruge – some say there is a Chapati takeaway in every part of every town in the western world.

Okay, maybe not, but just about everywhere I’ve ever needed a takeaway in Greater Glasgow and slightly beyond, there’s been a Chapati 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Chapati 9 is the highest in the line I’ve reached. Like all the others, it’ll do you curries, pizzas, burgers, kebabs and all the bits you’d expect – a solid offering and a lengthy menu.

Ordinarily I’d be happy with a pakora snack and maybe a vegetable paratha, but raised the bar for Times Takeaway and went for, as the cliche goes, the full bhuna – if indeed a bhuna is instead a vegetable karahi and comes with a South Indian garlic chilli chicken, rice, naan and korma for the kids.

Due to the extent of the menu, it took us longer to choose our meal than it did to get it cooked and delivered using JustEat. The driver was bang on time and everything arrived hot and aromatic.

Both chicken and vegetable pakora were crunchy on the outside and well-seasoned, though the vegetable paratha was a touch tougher than usual.

The South Indian garlic chilli was surprisingly tangy with plenty of chicken – always a disappointment when the sauce-to-staple ratio is off.

The korma was well pitched and the karahi rich and flavourful.

I’m not sure quite how many Chapati takeaways there really are – 12? 15? 31? – but there’s very probably one near where you are or will be.


Cost: £45

Chicken pakora, £4.95

Vegetable paratha, £1.95

Vegetable pakora, £3.50

Ceylonese-style chicken korma, £7.45

South Indian Garlic Chilli, £9.45

Karahi mixed vegetables, £6.95

Fried rice, £1.95

Boiled rice, £1.85

Naan, £1.95

Chips, £2