THE FUTURE of a popular city nightclub has been secured thanks to kind-hearted Glaswegians.

Around 400 locals have banded together to raise £20,000 in just four weeks to save Firewater from permanent closure. 

Bosses warned earlier this month that the Sauchiehall Street venue would not survive another coronavirus lockdown.

Glasgow Times:

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Now, staff are preparing to reopen the Indie nightclub in just three weeks' time. 

Paddy Hynes, who is the Director of the club, said: "Initially, the £20,000 has taken us out of the red ant put us back into the green again which means we will be able to open back up this summer. 

“It has taken a huge amount of pressure off us and right now, we’re sighing with relief. 

“Despite not reaching the £40,000 goal, we feel so grateful to the community that have helped to take us out of this dark period."

Glasgow Times:

If everything goes to plan, Paddy hopes to have locals back at the bar enjoying pints by May 17. 

He added: "We will work with the restrictions to see what we can do. As long as everyone keeps sticking to the rules then it will all be worth it and we can get back slowly and start living our lives again.

“The sad thing now is that the Thursday night works wont be back for a while but we can work towards that again, thanks to how kind everyone has been.

“We have been granted an outdoor application which is very small but we will make the most of it. We will also have indoor seating  at a limited capacity but it means we can get back to work again."

Glasgow Times:

With thanks to the funds raised, more than 40 jobs at the city centre venue have been saved. 

Mr Hynes, whose father opened the venue almost 20 year ago, said: “Following the fundraiser, it has given us a big boost and shows us much anticipation of what is to come. Those who donated didn’t just save the venue but saved a lot of jobs too.

“I think the staff feel relieved that we can open back up – it was a concerning time for a while there. 

"A lot of people have been on furlough and some bars and clubs haven’t been able to open back up in a whole year but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.”

“We are so thankful to the city for their contributions and hope to see them back at Firewater again soon. I think the key message is to continue to support small businesses and help support their future.”

Glasgow Times:

On Monday, we told how McChuills, based on High Street, successfully reopened its doors after facing "imminent closure" due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

After launching an online fundraiser, donations from Glaswegians across the globe surpassed £15,000.