Campaigners fighting to 'Save Whiteinch Library' have been getting creative in their protests.

On the railings outside the library, they have turned book covers into items of protest by altering the titles to target senior figures at Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life.

The book covers are aimed at the top politicians and officials in both organisations.

They inlcude Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council.

The campaigners have mocked up a Penguin Classic cover of The Department of Dead Ends and changed the author from Roy Vickers to Susan Aitken.

Glasgow Times:

Ms Aitken has said no libraries in the city will close but services could be moved to other locations.

Others getting the same treatment include Bridget McConnell, Chief Executive of Glasogw Life.

Glasgow Times:

David McDonald, Deputy Leader of Glasgow City Council and chair of Glasgow Life, is also featured as 'The Complete (M)Angler'Glasgow Times:

Other famous books have been used to make the protesters point.

Glasgow Times:

"We did try to warn you"

Glasgow Times:

'The Joy of Cuts'

Jimmy Reid, who spoke of the importance of libraries in his life, is also invoked.

Glasgow Times:  'Turning in his Grave'.

The library has been closed since last March when all libraries in the city shut and is on a list of venues not to be re-opened.

There are plans to move library services to Scotstoun, more than a mile away, leaving local peple angry about the potential loss of the library and fears over the future of the heritage building on Victoria Park Drive South.

Glasgow Life has lost more than £40million in income due to venues being closed over lockdown and the City Council has underwritten an income guarantee for £100 a year to allow it to re-open around 90 venues. 

Dozens more will stay closed, including Whiteinch and Maryhill libraries. 

This week, Susan Aitken, writing in the Glasgow Times about the Maryhill and Whiteinch Libraries said that libraries could be moved to community hubs and new uses found for the existing buildings.

She said: "Neither services nor building are being abandoned. Indeed, back in August I stated that innovative solutions would be needed to overcome Covid’s challenges, including re-imagining some public libraries through the development of community hubs."

The Save Whiteinch Library campaign posters can be seen in windows all over the area and in car windows in the streets.

As well as a number of home made signs attached to the library railings there are quotes on the benefits of libraries from famous people, present and historical.

They include Billy Connolly.

Glasgow Times:

"The library is the escape, that's where the tunnel is."

JK Rowling.

Glasgow Times:

"When in doubt go to the library."

Albert Einstein

Glasgow Times:

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library."

And Swiss philospoher Henri Frederic Amiel.

Glasgow Times:

"All you have to do is go to the library."

The campaigners are staging 'read-ins' outside the Library on Saturdays to highlight their cause.