THE SNP can’t be evasive of these proposals. They are the pivotal orchestrators of these plans (Government will talk to council over at risk Glasgow Life venues, Wednesday).

How can anyone take this government seriously over proposals to close sporting facilities that provide sanctuary, discipline, and self-development to communities with endemic cultural health inequality.

Pollok, Easterhouse, community and sport facilities are expendable to these politicians.

The enormous volume of council tax contribution from these areas demands the consistent renewal of such provision.

Langside Halls have just had massive financial investment from public funds. How can they even contemplate closing them down?

This is the public realm of Glasgow taxpayers. If politicians wish to sanction the hiving off of these historic and culturally significant venues, should it have not been the articulated during their local government elections ?

Vote SNP to sell your local gym, community hall, sporting services – by the way, our party really values your health and well-being.

It’s interesting that the affluent West End doesn’t really have public infrastructure diminished.

Profit doesn’t correlate to contemporary art investment being reduced, the Prosecco/Champagne still flows, neither should it be an overriding influencer for community services or vital fitness provision being neglected.

No wonder we have an emerging type 2 diabetes, childhood/adult obesity catastrophe.

An absurd local government plan for a more prosperous, enriched, and healthier city.

It’s social discrimination by the politicians who can’t be trusted to help the progression of our people.

Stefan Strzelecki

Posted online

I HOPE they are caught and punished (Chancers chopping down trees at beauty spot ‘for illegal bike track’, Glasgow Times online).

Mindless acts like this damage the area for wildlife and people alike.

Colin MacEwan

Posted online

IT’S so refreshing to see people going into shops and enjoying themselves in beer gardens.

We’ve waited far too long for a glimpse of normality.

I can’t wait until hospitality rules are eased further.

My poor dad can’t get into his local’s beer garden for pint as it’s fully booked for weeks.

He just wants to sit for half an hour and enjoy a drink and read his newspaper. It’s such a shame.