LOUTISH schoolchildren threw stones at a store and called the shopkeeper a "fat, speccy b******" in a barrage of abuse, the shop's manager has said. 

Peter McGhee, the boss at retro clothing shop Dees Trongate, said he and a female member of staff were pelted with stones, Haribo and a bottle of Coca Cola by the rogue teens on Tuesday afternoon. 

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Glasgow Times:

He said: "They came in and said they were looking for shoes so I showed them a pair of Doc Martens for £100. They started laughing and saying they weren't worth £3. 

Glasgow Times: Peter McGhee, general manager at Dees Trongate Peter McGhee, general manager at Dees Trongate

"I said I had to deal with other customers and asked them to leave."

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Glasgow Times:

At this point, the children - only one of whom had been wearing a mask - left the shop, according to the shop boss. They returned armed with rocks and sweets which they began hurling at the store, said Peter. 

One called Peter "a fat, speccy b******". 

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Glasgow Times:

A bottle of juice came flying through the door, said Peter, soaking the shop floor and hitting some of the shop's vintage designer gear.

He said: "Then they threw a big rusty bolt, it must have been around four inches and it hit the female member of staff. 

"I thought, that is assault now."  

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After calling 999, police showed up and asked Peter what he'd like them to do. 

"Catch them and give them the birch," said Peter. 

He asked a neighbouring shop for CCTV and also took pictures of the children on his mobile phone for evidence. 

The other member of staff was left shaken by the ordeal, which the louts repeated on Wednesday. 

A police spokeswoman said: "Officers were called to a property on the Trongate around 2.20pm on Tuesday, April 27, following reports stones were being thrown at a window.

"Nobody was injured in the incident and enquiries continue."