A LEGENDARY rapper appluaded Glasgow schoolchildren who covered one of his songs.

Pupils at Notre Dame Primary School remixed MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, with the expert help of John Ansdell, who runs the Kids’ Group at the school.

Glasgow Times: Orla Lafferty age 12, left and Zaynash Pinto age 10Orla Lafferty age 12, left and Zaynash Pinto age 10

The internationally renowned hip-hop artist was so impressed by the version of his 1990 hit, he tweeted a video of the pupils dancing along to his more than 3.2 million Twitter followers.

John said: “We recorded the video as part of our Easter Break programme.

Glasgow Times: John Ansdell, manager at Notre Dame's Kids' Group John Ansdell, manager at Notre Dame's Kids' Group

“They absolutely loved it. I have a background in music production, so I thought it would be fun if we did the first verse and chorus and then we made the video.

“It totally surprised me that they knew the song, they didn’t really know MC Hammer so much but I think the song is in one of the big adverts right now.”

Glasgow Times:

The children were “quite hyper” when they found out their musical hero had seen and loved their video, John said.

“They were really excited that they had gone viral.”

Glasgow Times:

The West End school runs a number of programmes for pupils over the Easter Break, including dance challenges, cooking classes, an obstacle course and workshops which allow the children to turn their hands to drama, recording music, making games and models out of junk.

MC Hammer achieved international fame with his gold-selling record, which became the first rap song to be nominated for Record of the Year at the 1991 Grammys.