A KILLER boasted how he had left his victim "lying like a teabag".

Ray Currie, 44, stabbed William Campbell to death just hours after the country had been put into lockdown in March last year.

The 37 year-old never survived the daytime attack in Glasgow's Springburn having been knifed nine times.

Currie insisted he only lashed out as he had been "cornered" - but jurors were told how William was unarmed.

The thug was on Friday convicted of murder following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Currie had claimed he was not a "man of violence".

But, it emerged after the verdict, he already had a string of convictions for assault, robbery and having a knife.

Scar-faced Currie faces a life sentence when he returns to the dock next month.

The fatal attack occurred in the back courtyard of a tenement in Elmvale Street, Springburn on March 24 2020.

There were claims of an earlier altercation between Currie - who lived nearby - and another man.

Witness Paige Bain told jurors how she then saw Currie attacking William.

She initially thought the victim had been repeatedly punched.

Paige and two women raced over to help William. One of them was described as "screaming hysterically" at the horror.

She then recalled Currie running past and stating: "How do you feel that your pal is lying there like a teabag?"

Currie had offered to plead guilty to the reduced charge of culpable homicide before the trial.

But, jurors heard how he had remarked to police: "I am responsible for f*** all."

In evidence, Currie claimed he had feared for his own safety.

However, prosecutor Mark McGuire put to him: "You stabbed him nine times. You quite literally left him perforated.

"That is why you referred to him lying like a teabag."

Currie: "Not at all. I did not say that."

Lord Armstrong deferred sentencing for reports.

The judge told Currie: "You have been convicted of the gravest crime - taking the life of another."