A YOUNG woman who spat in a police officer's face after they attempted to check on her wellbeing has avoided being sent to jail.

Hollie Hepburn, 25, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court in relation to two separate matters on Thursday.

On April 15 last year, officers were called regarding an ongoing disturbance at around 11.40pm.

The court heard: “On arrival, officers observed a man exit the gate of the property.

“Police officers attempted to speak to this person, but he refused and continued. The man was pursued by police and apprehended.

“Other police witnesses attended at the property and the accused opened the door. It appeared she had been crying. She became verbally aggressive towards officers.

“Police officers tried to indicate why they were there, but she stated ‘I didn’t f***ing call yous so you can f**k off, I don’t need to tell you my f***ing name.

“She continued: ‘I didn’t f***ing phone you, you’re not f***ing coming in here’. She stepped outside, closing and locking the door behind her and stated, ‘see, I’ve just locked myself out so you’re not getting in’.

“The accused was continuously aggressive towards officers. She went out to the street and confronted officers who were there. Police took the accused by the arms in an effort to restrain her. She lashed out with her arms and spat in the face of an officer. Thereafter she was arrested.”

Glasgow Times:

In a previous incident on March 7 last year, police attended at Millroad Street, Calton, where Hepburn became obstructive and started to shout and swear in their faces.

Her solicitor explained that the spitting incident took place early into lockdown.

He added: “That does not excuse the behaviour. The police were there to deal with another individual who she was in a relationship with at the time. That relationship was a troubling one for her.

“When police approached her, she felt it was an invasion of her privacy. She hadn’t done anything wrong until officers arrived.”

Sheriff Patricia Pryce stated: “She spat on someone trying to help her. The police were there to check on her wellbeing.”

Hepburn’s solicitor added that she is mortified and ashamed of herself.

The sheriff told her: “This is an extremely serious matter. I will reluctantly deal with this with a community-based disposal.

“The crime you pleaded guilty to is a matter which nearly attracts a custodial sentence. It’s only because you come before the court as a first offender and the positive nature of the social work report that you will avoid a prison sentence.”

Hepburn was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, be under supervision for 12 months, and stay within her home address in Calton from 8.30pm-6am for 120 days.