With just five days until the polling stations open, people in Glasgow opted for a postal vote have been urged to send in their ballots paper.

More people than ever before registered for a postal vote at this election with many concerned about covid and staying away from busy places.

Almost 90,000 people across the city’s eight constituencies opted for a postal vote.

They have received the same two ballot papers that others will be handed when they go to a polling station and they are completed in the same way.

One ballot paper to elect the constituency MSP and another the peach ballot paper to chose a party or independent candidate on the Glasgow region list.

Glasgow’s returning officer has urged Glaswegian voters to return their postal votes as soon as possible to ensure their voice is heard at the election.

By Thursday April 29,with one week to go, the council said 55, 000 voters had returned their postal votes.

That represents 62% of the 87, 575 people who have a postal vote.

Not only are more people registering for a postal vote at this election but more are sending them in early.

The number with on week to go is higher than the 49% who had returned their ballots at the same stage in 2016.

Nonetheless, the council official in charge of overseeing the elections in Glasgow is reminding people to post their papers in time for polls closing on Thursday night.

Polling stations for those voting in person will be open as usual between 7am and 10pm on Thursday May 6.

There will be no overnight counting at this election.

To ensure Covid social distancing is in place, the votes in Glasgow are being counted over two sessions on Friday and Saturday.

Four of the eight constituencies will be counted on Friday followed by the other four and then the regional list on Saturday.

Annemarie O’Donnell , Glasgow Returning Officer, said: “It’s really important you get your vote back to us as soon as possible to make sure your voice is heard.

“If your vote arrives after polling day it won’t be counted so please make sure you get it in the post in plenty of time.

“Voting by post is easy, safe and convenient. You can hand it in on polling day, but when you applied you must have been concerned you might not be able to make it to your polling place.

“Get your vote in the post right away and don’t risk missing your chance.”

Glasgow will elect a total of 15 MSPs at the election.

Eight representing the individual constituencies and another seven on the regional list.