A CAB driver with issued with nine penalty points because of speeding offences has secured his private hire car driver’s licence for another year.

Fiaz Zahid Ahmad was convicted in November 2018 for exceeding the speed limit which resulted in three penalty points. 

In February 2019 he failed to comply with a red traffic signal and was issued a further three penalty points before speeding again in July resulting in the same number of points.

Mr Ahmad was asked to explain the circumstances which led to his convictions by the licensing committee on Wednesday. He asked his daughter to speak on his behalf.

She said: “My Dad is a relatively new taxi driver, and he makes his commission on tips and wanted to get a good hire rating.

“All he wanted to do was make more tips so when he was speeding, he was simply doing it at the request of the customer who sometimes asked him to go faster. 

“He was trying to make the customer happy.

“He now realises that can’t happen anymore, so he has been really strict with his driving.

When he received the three points for exceeding the speed limit – he was being pressured by customers. 

“When he failed to comply with traffic light signals, there was a bus in front of him, he didn’t see the light turn red.”

Members of the committee raised concerns that Mr Ahmad had allowed himself to be dictated to by customers. 

They stressed that speed limits must be observed as should road conditions to ensure customers were transported safely around the city.

Chairman councillor Alex Wilson said: “The driver is in control of his vehicle and it is his job to get the person from A to B as safely as possible.

“There is absolutely no way a passenger should influence the driving. He is sitting on nine points, another three and his licence is gone. 

“I know he is inexperienced but if it was my livelihood, no-one would influence me, and he has to take that approach. It is very ill judge. 

“There are road conditions and speed limits out there.”

Following the discussion members agreed to grant Mr Ahmad’s a licence for another year.

He has been issued a severe warning.