I’VE just read the letter from RS in Friday’s Glasgow Times regarding her father being unable to have a pint in his local beer garden, sadly that will be the case for many all across Scotland for as long as Sturgeon can keep restrictions on the hospitality sector.

She would gladly watch

pubs close no matter what

the consequences are, i.e, job losses.

I have said many times that this woman is allowing her personal feelings to dictate her agenda against alcohol.

D Mclean

Via email

AS a primary school teacher, I could never vote for SNP. Working in several schools in Glasgow each week, I have seen a generation of children being failed by this Government for many reasons, but none more so than the lack of sufficient classroom support. And this affects all children.

In 2007, just over 5% of children in classrooms in Scotland had Additional Support Needs (ASN). This number has risen year on year and by 2020 over 32% of children were classed as having ASN. (These are figures from the Government’s own ‘’Schools in Scotland” publications.)

The idea is that these children should be assisted in the classroom by support staff.

The huge increase in the number of children with ASN since 2007 should have resulted in a corresponding increase in the number of support staff, but this has not happened. Far from it. There has been no increase in support staff since 2007.

In fact, many schools have to share one member of support staff between two or three classrooms.

The result? Every class has a very wide mix of needs and the teachers are spread too thinly, so they can neither give their best to supporting the children with ASN, nor to helping the rest of the children. Every child loses out – not just those with ASN.

In my opinion, the biggest gap in Scottish education is the difference between the support that all children should receive and the support they actually do receive in the classroom.

Parents who are voters of SNP, Boris cannot be blamed for this. This is all the SNP’s own doing. Please, when you vote, think about your children.

J Balloch


I WOULD like to praise First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for her handling of the Coronavirus crisis.

It’s very easy for people to criticise her but she has guided the country expertly during this pandemic.

Compared to the bumbling Boris Johnson, Ms Sturgeon has been very assured and has impressed me with her handling of questions from journalists during the media briefings.

She is rarely stumped for an answer and has always explained her decisions thoroughly. The SNP will continue to get my vote.

Malcolm Russell