A CITY health board has revealed their hospitals are treating patients who have been struck down with severe headaches and other neurological problems after receiving their coronavirus jab. 

NHS Greater Glasgow Clyde told The Times that staff are caring for “a very small number of patients” experiencing unpleasant neurological side effects following their vaccination. The health board, however, stressed that the vaccine is safe. 

Glasgow Times:

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A spokesman for the health board said: “We are aware of a very small number of isolated cases where patients may have had a neurological reaction to the vaccine.

"This is a recognised but very uncommon side effect.

“We would highlight that for the vast majority of people side effects are minor and short-lived, and we would encourage all patients to consult the NHS Inform website and to read the vaccine leaflet they will receive upon their appointment in order to understand what those common side effects might be in relation to their vaccine.”

It is not known which vaccine those affected received.